WriteLoss Large Loss Building Consulting

WriteLoss Large Loss Building Consulting
When getting it right really matters

WriteLoss Large Loss Xactimate

WriteLoss Inc. Large Loss Building Consulting provides on-site inspection, intense Xactimate writing, scope negotiation,  and additional support for meetings and documentation during the claim / contract period of project.

Why we are better than others in large loss estimating and Xactimate documentation.

Large Loss Xactimate Estimates with Speed:
When we work as a building consultant for adjuster, contractor, or attorney alike we do so at a speed that few master in the industry.  Our velocity in Xactimate writing is done by a staff of workers, and not just on estimator working on the project.  We have turned out $22 Million loss reports in less than 72 hours for a critical rebuttal for a Large Loss Public Adjuster.  We generally turn any size loss in in less than 5 days after inspection.

Large Loss Building Consultant Deployment with Speed: 
In as little as 4 hours our Large Loss Building Consultants can be mobilized to job sites across North America.  Seeing the claim condition at the earliest possible time can often be critical in writing the xactimate estimate to the level of detail needed to justify full replacement under policy provisions.

Large Loss Building Consulting at a Lower  Cost:
Many Large Loss Building Consulting charge 1% of the claim total for services. WriteLoss Large Loss Building Consulting provides a greater level of service for less than half the market rate with a greater level of service.

WriteLoss Xactimate Writers

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