WriteLoss Contractor, Adjuster, and Attorney Back Office Claims Support

If you are a Contractor, Adjuster, or an Attorney, chances are good, you feel the burn that time demands for communication, claim documentation, and even scheduling.  At WriteLoss Inc. we bring dollars though the door through intensive contacts and documentation.

WriteLoss Contractor, Adjuster, and Attorney Back Office Claims Support Services Include:

When you notice our supplement team of the need to supplement a loss, action starts right away. Our Xactimate™ Writers begin to write the supplement and it back to your desk or to the insurance carrier right way.  Xactimate Supplements are with your logo and all your contact info, not ours.  The Xactimate supplement claim will be out in 24 hours or less.

Recoverable Depreciation Collection:
Often, getting the last dollars on an insurance claim take time that seems to just be your most expensive.  WriteLoss Back Office Claim Support will file for recoverable depreciation in less than 24 hours.  We will follow up with the carrier, and report findings and status until the money arrives for the claim.

Notice of Representation:
For many of our Public Adjuster clients, they send us a copy of their contract from the field, and we simply and quickly submit the Notice of Representation .  This is just one more item we can take off the desk of the Adjuster.

Policy Review:
While we are not Adjusters, we do support Adjusters by quickly reviewing insurance policies to help support insured needs.  Sometimes, as the Public Adjuster, there isn’t enough time to know every detail before a meeting or a conversation.  We can help with critical needs for policy review.

Comparison Reports: 
Often our Contractor & Adjuster clients ask us to produce comparison between the carrier insurance scope and the Contractor or Adjuster Scope.

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WriteLoss Is owned by WriteLoss Inc, a consulting and estimating services company.
Xactimate™ is owned by Xactware Solutions Inc. and is a software that is considered to be the gold standard of insurance claim estimating.