WriteLoss Xactimate Writers

Xactimate™ Reports: 
These Fire, water, Wind, Freeze, and other Xactimate Reports are appropriately formatted with your company logo, and contacts.   These reports will look professional and will be detailed with every possible line item that should be paid on a contractor or insurance claim.  These are provided on 24-48 hour turn around on most orders and are invoiced at the time of  issuing the report.

Commercial and Residential Valuation: 
These reports are often used in negotiating loss value, most are produced in 48 hours on average.

Content Pack-Out / Content Cleaning  / Content Replacement Xactimate™ Reports. 
We produce content work that is properly scoped within 48 hours or receipt of order.

Supplemental Claims Reports: 
We produce powerful supplement reports that help to get the attention of the insurance carrier.   These are usually produced in 24-48 hours depending on the complexity.

Large Loss Building Consulting: 
WriteLoss provides on-site assessment of large loss projects. These services usually provide much higher levels of detail and validation.  We mainly provide Large Loss Building Consultant services to Public Adjusters. <More Info>

Back Office Support Services: 
These services can range for Public Adjusters , Contractors, and Attorneys. We try to help you stay in the field instead of the office.  Our support often means substantially greater business volume ability for our clients. << More Info >>


WriteLoss Xactimate Writers

Important & Simple Facts About Doing Business with WriteLoss Inc.

1. New Orders should be send to / Data transfer works best via Dropbox

2. Work is generally produced in 24-48 hours depending on the complexity of the order. Priority orders can be worked over the weekend but are generally slower than week-day work.

3. We will bill you with an on-line payment method. This allows you an easy way to pay us online, with the click of a button. This will cost you no fees.

4. We are going to bill you for producing paper and doing various support tasks. We will do so often, and we expect prompt payments. Prompt means within 48 hours or less. Your invoice is due in 24 hours, it is late in 48 hours.  We give you velocity for the same in return. The faster you pay makes your work higher priority in our shop.

5. Once your bill is paid, We will edit an estimate once at no charge. We will edit an estimate multiple times for billable hours. All this said, we fix our mistakes. We strive for perfection, and sometimes make errors.

6. When you need us on-site, mostly for large-loss claims, you will need to pay travel cost before travel commences. You will need to pay production time for field work upon the completion of inspection. All the rest, works just as our normal relationships work.

7. Should you violate the rules of payment, your work will be watermarked. We will send you clean files ready to send out as soon as we receive your payment.

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