The Xactimate Quandary

It is funny how often I hear of a general hatred for Xactimate!

  • “I can’t believe how much it costs!”
  • “Those prices are not fair, I’ve never heard of anyone being called to check them.”
  • “I’m not going to pay that much every month for software.”
  • “Why would I need to use that program when I can just use some free program.”
  • “It’s so hard to operate, just cumbersome.”

I could literally write these things for four or five pages of text, but I will not bore you to that extreme.

It is fair to say that Xactimate is an expensive program, that is difficult to gain mastery in using, and pricing is often an issue when estimating the cost of a loss. All of this is true, but there are many reasons why Xactimate works in settling an insurance claim better than any other program in action today. I’m certainly going to aggravate my friends at Simsol by talking in this way. And yet, we write 98.4% of all of our estimates at WriteLoss Inc. in Xactimate, and that remaining small percent, in Simsol.

I paid Microsoft for operating systems on all the computers in our shop. There are many other options besides paying Microsoft for the bloated code they often provide. But suffice it to say, Microsoft owns the market and no one I work with would be shocked to know that we were using such an application. There is something to be said for having market dominance. Xactware rules the day with Xactimate for insurance claims.

But let’s talk about the real issue people have with Xactimate! We often say that we speak insurance at In many ways speaking insurance is like learning a new language and writing in Xactimate is like writing in a new language. With the thousands of lines and thousands of options that are available to scope and explain an insurance loss, even Xactware says it takes a year to become proficient in writing a claim. We train our staff with some of the most intensive daily training exercises known in the industry. Even with our arduous level of training, our junior estimators do not become ready for prime time very quickly.

We work all over North America to write up powerful Xactimate reports. We work with contractors, adjusters, and lawyers. Without reservation I can tell you that our most powerful and successful clients do not write in Xactimate or any other estimating software. It is beyond anecdotal that we find this truth in the insurance world. Simply said; Xactimate Writing is a skill all its own, and a succubus of time and resources that can take an insurance contractor or adjuster out of the field with its demand for time and proficiency.

So I pose to you this question; is the complaint about Xactimate really about anything other than the time it demands and the cost it steals?

I believe our findings at create a simple and straightforward truth; let those with mastery in writing Xactimate claims do the writing, while you handle the adjusting, the managing, and business development. It is this path, we can show you, over and over, works to produce a powerful career in insurance claims!

We help a lot of clients leverage time and live a dream. We can help you make money, if you really are ready to get it done. We are here 24/7 to help turn most every claim around in 24 hours.

P. David Herring, CEO
WriteLoss Inc.
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