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There is a lot to love about Canada – a great lifestyle, a vibrant culture and much more. I often say Canada is like 1952 with better technology. When it comes in insurance claims for property damage, Canada has some differences just the same. As I was chatting with one of my Canadian Clients I realized how the game is growing up there but the skills of the contractor really have to be almost ahead of many in the states.

1. Carriers often, do not supply a priced out scope of work for the claim in Canada

In the U.S. a carrier adjuster shows up and turns in an estimate a few days later for the damages. In Canada, they often show up with just a piece of paper where a scope is hand written. It is the job of the insured to turn in an estimate for these approved repairs.

2. Carriers expect the Contractor estimate to arrive in Xactimate or like break down.
This means the Canadian contractor needs to have someone with skills in producing Xactimate reports, if not, their clients will truly get short changed in the process. I’ve seen this happen with regularity, and the opposite happen to the benefit of the Insured and the Contractor.

3.Canadian Carriers don’t limit basement flooding coverage like NFIP does in the States.
Canadian contractors, who can format the claim properly, rack up a healthy amount profit from sewage backup claims and general flooding claims. Once again, it must be formatted in a way the carrier will take the document as a means of assessing the needed payment.

4.Market conditions elevated pricing simply works better on Canadian Insurance

I routinely raise the pricing for Canadian claims up 13-30% from published rates. The Contractors routinely get these higher numbers for market condition needs. The insured clients are the benefactor of such funding as well. This hardly works at all in the U.S., and the Canadian contractors are reaping great rewards.

All in all, the key difference in the Canadian insurance claims market is both the need to provide a line item estimate, and the ability to name a price that works best to do the work.

Without the capacity to produce an estimate in a form like Xactimate, it just doesn’t turn out very well.

P. David Herring, CEO
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