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Complex Multi-Tenant Insurance Claims

Multi-Tenant Residential and Commercial properties that are damaged by Fire, Wind, Water, Mold, and even derelict cars, often require a difficult path to settle insurance claims. As a forensic estimator with special skills in handling complexity in commercial claims, we bring the necessary skills to bring more money and less hassle in dealing with insurance claims.

Most insurance adjusters scope damage on a property without the degree of detail required to repair the property and deal with costly code oriented upgrades. Our staff includes a former Construction Director who has directed and managed over 250 million in Multi-Tenant Insurance Repairs. We estimate with an understanding of a high degree of obstacles that face Multi-Tenant Insurance Claim. The scoping and proving of the cost of repair is just one area of our work and expertise.

Tenant Issues seem to perplex the average insurance adjuster. We have seen issues as recently as this month where a Fire Marshall in CT forced 77 tenant
apartments to be vacated for 4 months during fire repairs. The Insurance carrier denied the cost of moving the tenant and the loss of rent. During the estimation process, we got documentation and assessed the exact cost allowable under the policy. By putting everything down in a well documented well annotated report, we were able to assist the Public Adjuster to to turn the denial into full payment for lost revenue and additional costs.

Last summer we worked a Mutli-Tenant claim in Braintree, MA. A Multi-Tenant
Fire had affected 2 units. The insurance carrier denied smoke damage repairs and cleaning to 6 adjoining units. The carrier also denied replacing the roof. By putting the claim in writing, and getting allied proof, we forced the carrier to pay for building repairs, smoke damage, and a full re-roof of the building. The carrier had offered $38,000 on this claim. The Insured accepted for $162,000. The contractor, who we worked for, was able to fully repair the property cost the insureds only their $5,000 Deductible. .

Recently, we a handled a water damage claim for a multi-tenant owner in Hartford CT. The claim was originally assessed by the carrier as a simple water loss. Our investigation found the water damage had been larger than expected and resulted in foundation and other structural repairs to the property. Our solution included code compliance issues. We were able to take the Engineering report produced by the carrier and extrapolate a strategy to bring the carrier to agreement on needed repairs. When we say we do forensic property estimation, we aren’t kidding! We assisted the Public Adjuster and settled the claim for nearly 300% more than the original insurance settlement that was offered.

Multi-Tenant work is hard for the contractor and the Adjuster. It requires planning cost and consideration for the many obstacles in dealing with these facilities. On occasion, we will lend a hand on managing this work as well. Sometimes we can show credentials on such a level it helps our contractor clients win the job.

If we can be of assistance to you in dealing with insurance claims as an Adjuster or Contractor, please contact us We are always willing to help get the policyholder the money they deserve!