White Hat TPA – WriteLoss Inc. The Third Party Insurance Claims Administrator for the Public Adjuster

White Hat TPA – WriteLoss Inc. Back Office Support. The Third Party Insurance Claims Administrator for the Public Adjuster

WriteLoss.com White Hat TPA

Chances are good, the paperwork production and calls to insurance carriers are slowing your production. When you had two claims it was not a big deal, but the better you get, the slower you are becoming in handling the details that keep the claims coming in and settled.

Everyone knows the Insurance Carrier has TPA’s assistance on claims. These organizations provide streamlining and cost savings on many operations. We do the same for the other side of the industry  From the most basic back office support, to the most detailed, we have you covered. We bring velocity to industry members in every aspect of our business. This service bring even more credibility to our clients, not to mention, sanity!

Our host of services include:

Clerical Support

  • Filing (Dropbox or other online file system)

  • Document production (letters, fax, etc.)

  • Notice of Representation.

  • Outbound calling to insureds, contractors, or carriers.

  • Inbound call acceptance as main desk answering or specific assistant answering.

Carrier Specific

  • Scheduling inspections and appointments to meet the carrier adjuster, or engineer on-site.

  • Supplement, Estimate, and Recoverable Depreciation filing and collections

  • Mortgage company paperwork assistance and communication to expedite payment release.

  • Escalations of any claim need

  • ALE approvals

  • Loss of Use filings.

  • Los of business filings.

  • Supplemental claim production in Xactimate™

  • Initial claim production in Xactimate™

  • Carrier / Adjuster comparison reports

  • Large Loss building consulting

  • Claims settling strategy consulting

  • Claim preparation for litigation

  • Appraisal assignment and Umpire selection

Cost of Services:

$25.00 per hour with 6 Minute Billing for core services. Xactimate writing and large loss consulting operates at typcial WriteLoss.com rates. Our surprisingly inexpensive services are fast, and low cost, with the highest quality. We do more communicating with carriers in one day than most will do in a month.

How To Get Started:

Send and e-mail to TPA@WriteLoss.com or call 800.272.1601. We will discuss you level of needs, and get started right away. Generally it will only take 24 hours to get your account set up and our staff ready. Once you are set up, a phone call or e-mail is all it takes to move a claim forward at your command. We will be able to execute every claim tasks with velocity. We will make your company more money be being faster, better, more professional, with a much wider footing at an extremely low price.

24 Hour Xactimate Writers WriteLoss.com

Questions and request of any need from WriteLoss White Hat TPA can be directed to:
David Herring / david@writeloss.com / 860-301-2720
Keith Megeff / keith@writeloss.com / 713-909-0722

800-272-1601 Fax

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WriteLoss™ Is owned by WriteLoss Inc, a consulting and estimating services company.
Xactimate™ is owned by Xactware Solutions Inc. and is a software that is considered to be the gold standard of insurance claim estimating.